What Lies Within

what lies within

I’ve been asked what this blog is about – there’s no one answer to that!

I’m a semi-retired curator with a background in historic interiors and architecture, so there might be a little of that.

I’m a keen museum-goer so reviews of those visits might feature too.

My proximity to 40 has fired up the determination to get fit so this year is the year of getting Fit at Forty which may include running (gasp), visits to the gym (gulp) and eating better (falls on floor in a faint)…

I’m raising two young and strong-minded young women. Frequently hilarious (and exasperating), I can’t not blog about them and how they see the world.

Finally, I was born with an inherent fascination for the unusual: ghost stories, odd experiences, the uncanny – I love it all.

So these are my interests and blogs may follow any and all of the above topics – get stuck in!